Top 5 tips to get the best from your diffuser

Top 5 tips to get the best from your diffuser

We want to bring you products that give you the benefits of the Australian natural environment and deliver them into your home or office. This means you can live your best life and find your happy place, wherever that may be.

Bringing happiness into your world means giving you the gift of optimum sleep, relaxation, energy and lowered stress levels. These all come from our South Of Somewhere essential oils and diffusers, let's discuss how you can get the most from the diffusers we provide.

Here are 5 tips for getting the best from your diffuser.

  1. Use distilled or purified water in your diffuser. Using organic water with the impurities removed will minimise mineral buildup and deposits that could be harmful to your machine. In addition, purified water makes sure the air you breathe from the diffuser is as clean as possible.
  2. Keep all exterior elements such as buttons and air vents as dry as possible when emptying and filling the machine and when cleaning make sure the machine is as dry as possible after the cleaning process.
  3. Keep away from chemical, abrasive cleaners and solvents. Stick to natural product cleaners such as pure white vinegar.
  4. Choose oils that are suitable for your specific needs. For example, lavender is great for relaxation whereas lemon is ideal for energy. 
  5. Our diffusers also function as a humidifier, helping to improve your home’s air quality and protect your family from microscopic pollutants therefore it’s safe to run them in childrens rooms and near pets to minimise odour and improve breathing conditions.

There you have it, 5 tips to help you get the best from your South of Somewhere diffuser. Enjoy using our wide range of products to help you find your happy place, wherever that may be.

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